Big sugar!

Too much of a good thing is always bad.  Same is applicable for sugar too. And from what I read from authoritative and scientifically reliable sources, sugar can do quite a bit of debilitating damage to the brain and the body!

Sugar is quite necessary for normal and efficient brain functioning. Absence of inadequate sugar levels will hamper the production of essential neuro transmitters, with vital cognitive functions such as thinking, memory, and learning being impacted rather severely

Fine but what does it mean and why should you be concerned? This suggests that eating a hell a lot of amount of sugar can mess around with what is called the nucleus accumbens. For those of you wondering what the hell this is, it is the brain’s natural reward system. Eating too much sugary stuff can also result in addiction, which has also been equated with brain fixes like cocaine. Some have also suggested that sugar increases for propensity for impulsive behaviours and risk taking

What is more disconcerting to me is this NYT opinion piece on what the author calls Big Sugar in which he also suggests that Big Sugar might have killed more people prematurely than tobacco, further corroborated by findings from this PLOS One article As you can see, quite a damning and depressing read if you ask me.

Thanks to a good friend of mine who diverted my attention to this topic that I have so conveniently ignored or not paid any attention to!

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